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Golf Cart Repair

Here at Cart Connection we understand that the maintenance and care of your golf cart is important to both you and to the longevity of your cart. Whether you have excessive power loss or a full engine failure, Cart Connection has the tools and expertise necessary to get you back to driving around in style.

If you are having trouble with your golf carts, we offer a superb golf cart service. If your cart runs on gas, we offer gas golf cart service to up your gas mileage and perform golf cart maintenance. If you have an electrical cart, we also have electrical and solar service to make sure your golf cart batteries are holding charge like they should and you have maximum power to get up the green hills of the course. Whether you need help with golf cart brakes or engines, we can handle any repair big or small.

There is practically no golf cart problem we cannot fix, so come down and visit us today for your mobile golf cart diagnosis needs. If you are looking for golf cart repair, call Cart Connection in Palm Desert, CA today!