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Golf Cart Parts

If your golf cart is having trouble on the course, there may be an unseen issue with its parts. If this is the case, part replacement might be a cheaper alternative to trying to repair the old part. Thankfully with the help of Cart Connection we can do it all! Our golf cart service will help you find the best replacement golf cart parts as well as help you to install them!

Whether you need new golf cart tires or batteries, we have exactly what you need to keep going. If you're refurbishing an old cart, we can even help you in finding the right parts to return it to its former glory. At Cart Connection we are experts when it comes to golf carts. Our knowledgable employees can provide you with any repair or lend you advice in handling your own golf cart renovations.

In addition to our quality spare parts, we have the golf cart accessories that you need to take your cart to the next level. From comfortable new seat covers, to bag attachments, we will help you to ride in style on the golf course.

Cart Connection is here for any of your golf cart needs in the Palm Desert, CA area. Whether you need golf cart repair, or just help in finding the right parts, we can help you out today! Contact us now for more information!